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  • Re: New In-Cart Product Overlap Dynamic Pricing Now Live!

    [quote user="Michael"]This is a great feature. I just tested by adding Logos 8 Fundamentals along with Logos 9 Starter and it doesn't appear to be working. Is it supposed to work with this example?[/quote] I added Logos 8 Fundamentals and Logos 9 Starter to the cart (when signed out) and Logos 9 Starter was dynamically priced as expected. However, if
    Posted to General by Nic Hoza on Wed, Jan 6 2021
  • Re: Pre-order Price Different than Potential Billing Price

    I believe the only issue here is that the email is misleading because it doesn't show the dynamic price (and makes it look like the $29.99 is what you will be charged). Assuming you don't return anything, your dynamic price will be calculated at the time that the pre-pub order is processed into an order (when we charge your card) and you will be charged
    Posted to Catholic Products by Nic Hoza on Wed, Dec 23 2020
  • Re: New Kind of Dynamic Pricing in Public Beta

    [quote user="SineNomine"] Hmm... Public Beta starts Monday, strange Dynamic Pricing bug reported today... Linking just in case there's a connection. [/quote] No connection.
    Posted to General by Nic Hoza on Wed, Dec 23 2020
  • Re: Changing Pay Method on Pay Plan is a No-Op

    Randy - I believe the bugs you described have all been fixed. Thanks again for the report, and let us know if you notice anything else that seems amiss.
    Posted to by Nic Hoza on Mon, Jul 20 2015
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