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  • Re: BUG: Version 8.8 Removes Functionality

    Wow! Thank you, Larry Quinian, for the note on moving tabs left or right with scroll wheel on "mouse over." That's a life-saver for me! Earlier versions of Logos for Mac allowed us to hold the mouse key down on the arrow heads to scroll the tabs continuously left or right, but for half a dozen versions now the arrow heads have to be clicked repeatedly
    Posted to Logos 8 Desktop App by RODERICK GRACIANO on Wed, Oct 9 2019
  • Re: Important books still not in Logos

    Amen to more church history volumes. One increasingly hard-to-find volume I pray will find its way into the Logos library is Baptism: Studies In The Original Christian Baptism, Its History And Conflicts… by Johannes Warns (ET by G. H. Lang), published in the US by James & Klock (Minneapolis).
    Posted to Suggestions by RODERICK GRACIANO on Fri, Feb 5 2016
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