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  • Countdown on community pricing items

    A great idea would when a new item is posted on community pricing would be to give it a 30-60 day time limit on all items so it gives people pleanty of time to decide weather they want it or not and after that 30-60 day limit is almost up they would give out one final notice to all before it leaves to the next stage ........... This way things would
    Posted to Suggestions by Dustin Payne on Sun, Jul 20 2014
  • No documents option on LG G2 phone is search are

    There seems to be missing the Documents section in the search area on the logos app for Lg G2 phone all the rest seem to be present ....go,daily readings,search,guides,and tools are all there but documents area is not its missing one slide tab on it so i can view all the document notes that i make or highlight......Any help would be good...thank
    Posted to Old Android Forum (research only) by Dustin Payne on Sat, Nov 9 2013
  • Classic commentary bundles question

    I was wondering say like one of the classic commentaries and studies bundles for example that is posted for 189.95 buy out is the Hebrews classic studies is 31 volumes.....if a person only saw maybe just a few books in that bundles that they wanted instead of the whole package would they be able to divide the number of books by the price stated for
    Posted to Suggestions by Dustin Payne on Wed, Aug 21 2013
  • Price matching

    When I surf other site like wordsearch or olive tree have good deals sometimes that go on I think a good idea for Logos would be to hold the same deals when they do or to price match if the producer of that book or author/publisher would allow it. Especially would be helpful if a person uses all 3 programs.
    Posted to Suggestions by Dustin Payne on Tue, Nov 13 2012
  • Customizing a package In L5

    Say I get L5 and there is a part of if that i wont use say the languages or counseling or preaching and teaching can a person dump some of that off a package and fill in the blanks if say one is a big commentaries person type or get credit of some how.....just a thought
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dustin Payne on Wed, Nov 7 2012
  • Layaway option

    What would be great is that if Logos would allow a layaway option that allows a big ticket item for example (Nelson bible reference bundle) $900. It would allow the buyer to slowly chip away at the price saying if Logos would allow the full Price to be divided by the volumes $900 divided by 200-vol is $4.50 estimated per book. It would allow the person
    Posted to Suggestions by Dustin Payne on Fri, Nov 2 2012
  • Reconfiguring what you already have on from L4 to L5

    Ive noticed that when upgrading to a L5 package ....i have leaders L4 was looking at the silver L5 and was noticing a lot of stuff that i have and was checking it off i know that the total price of the books is located on there and that is what where charged for but if you check off all that u all ready have the price should come down and not charge
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dustin Payne on Thu, Nov 1 2012
  • Making Purchasing easier by divding volumes by price

    Looking at bundle books like word biblical commentary is like $700.00 and is 59 vol if a person was to divide the price by 59 is comes out to like $11.86 much cheaper than paying the $50 a book which comes out to $2,950 a huge markup even for the displayed price if bought individually. I think it would be much easier to by individually by that method
    Posted to Suggestions by Dustin Payne on Wed, Oct 31 2012
  • Payment system

    Would love to see eventually a addition that would allow payment plans to include a way that you can make a payment online if you want to pay it down quicker if that person so chooses so they don't have to call in.
    Posted to Suggestions by Dustin Payne on Sat, Oct 27 2012
  • Community pricing bidding

    I had a idea to where some items sit on the community pricing are for a long time and have a hard time making over the hump to 100% i think a good idea would be to say or send a email to user who bided on that item say its 40$ but its stuck there at 95% and they need 500 people of that crowd or a certain percentage to raise it to say 45 for it to make
    Posted to Suggestions by Dustin Payne on Fri, Aug 3 2012
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