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  • Re: Pastors (and church staff): This post is for you!

    Would this be a good event for a small church youth guy, or just for Senior Pastors?
    Posted to Logos 8 by Nicholas Hatch on Fri, Jun 21 2019
  • Re: TH268 The Doctrine of Grace, by Dr. Jack Cottrell

    For what its worth, i too would like to see the timeline on this course pushed up a bit!
    Posted to Logos Mobile Education by Nicholas Hatch on Tue, Mar 13 2018
  • Courses in Faithlife Connect

    Can someone explain how the free courses in faithlife connect are accessed. currently it only shows the courses I already own as available. Did I miss a code or something? Am I simply technologically incompetent (always a possibility, lol)? Any guidance anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!
    Posted to Logos Now by Nicholas Hatch on Tue, Mar 6 2018
  • Re: Advice for a "New User"

    I would highly advise him to either go to one of Morris Proctors "camp logos" programs, or to at least get the resource version of that training. Making an early investment in learning how to use all of the features well, will yield large dividends in study later. I found the training invaluable - enough so that I am budgeting to take it again as a
    Posted to General by Nicholas Hatch on Tue, Apr 18 2017
  • Re: Revelation resources

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll start sorting through these to see what I can use. I'm guilty of avoiding revelation because it can be both cumbersome and polarizing, so I'm a little shy on resources for good study on the text.
    Posted to General by Nicholas Hatch on Tue, Mar 14 2017
  • Re: Why all the bundling? Request to Logos/Faithlife staff

    [quote user="Ben Amundgaard (Faithlife)"] It makes a lot of sense to ensure that resources that are part of Mobile Ed courses are always available as standalone products. I'll have the team do a review and make sure that is the case. [/quote] Ben, Just my 2cents worth: Perhaps it would be helpful to bundle the books associated with Mobile Ed courses
    Posted to General by Nicholas Hatch on Sun, Mar 12 2017
  • Revelation resources

    I'm working on a paper on Revelation 11 for school. Help me save time. What are your go to resources when studying Revelation? What resources have you found to be less useful? Why? I'm considering adding a few commentaries to help me beef up my library but don't want to throw money at the wrong things. For what it's worth, I have not (as of yet) studied
    Posted to General by Nicholas Hatch on Sun, Mar 12 2017
  • website search sorting/hiding

    I wonder if it would be possible to have an option to hide the resources I already own when doing a search on Or maybe an option to sort the so the owned resources go to the end of the list? Sometimes when i go looking for a resource on a particular subject, I end up spending a good deal of time scrolling past pages of greyed out boxes instead
    Posted to Suggestions by Nicholas Hatch on Tue, Jan 17 2017
  • Re: feedback on pricing structure change

    [quote user="Francis"] You probably would not want me to say "I told you so". But it seems to me that this is the risk intrinsic to subscription: terms can change and put you in a bind if it no longer works for you. I am not saying this to rant but to suggest that this is an illustration of the sort of problems that made choose to remain off the subscription
    Posted to Logos Now by Nicholas Hatch on Wed, Dec 21 2016
  • Re: feedback on pricing structure change

    I may try to do that, but missing a years worth of features wont be nearly as fun as getting to see whats developing in advance
    Posted to Logos Now by Nicholas Hatch on Wed, Dec 21 2016
  • Re: feedback on pricing structure change

    I'm on the Dave Ramsey plan, so no credit cards for me. I do have a lingering payment plan with Logos that I'm working on getting rid of, but that is it. My monthly payment was on a debit card, so no interest or fees. If i want to continue with Logos now in the future, I'll have to miss a whole year while I save up the cash. The extra $10 over the course
    Posted to Logos Now by Nicholas Hatch on Wed, Dec 21 2016
  • feedback on pricing structure change

    I'm not sure where the best place is to express this sentiment so thought I'd place it here. First things first - I love Logos! it has revolutionized my bible study in ways i couldnt imagine - and I barely scratch the surface of what is possible with the software in my current workflow. I have never been treated anything but fairly by any Logos staff
    Posted to Logos Now by Nicholas Hatch on Tue, Dec 20 2016
  • Have OSX Yosemite download issues been resolved yet?

    My wife has given me permission to upgrade to 6 for Christmas, and I'm excited to get to check out the new features that L6 offers for study. That said, I've read quite a bit about people on Macs with Yosemite having struggles with the download and indexing. Have these issues been resolved yet? I'm not comfortable with a lot of the programming side
    Posted to Logos 6 by Nicholas Hatch on Mon, Dec 8 2014
  • Re: Logos by Subscription?

    18x$20 would be $360 vs a $300 up front purchase price, so the company makes a little bonus for extending the payments out, and people get an opportunity to try software they might not otherwise even look at because of the price. Maybe you see something I don't?
    Posted to General by Nicholas Hatch on Thu, Dec 4 2014
  • Re: Logos by Subscription?

    Perhaps rental should only be available for the lower end packages with fewer features that are aimed more at lay persons in the pew. This would make it far easier for the average pastor to recommend that congregants try out the software for use in personal study and increase the odds that they would have logos apps on their devices to use in conjunction
    Posted to General by Nicholas Hatch on Thu, Dec 4 2014
  • Re: Payment plan fee of $5 per month...really?

    All i can add to this conversation is that while on a significant payment plan, logos was extremely gracious to me during a period when I was out of ministry and truly unable to pay. I doubt i'd have received similar treatment from a credit card company or any other business for that matter.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Nicholas Hatch on Mon, Jul 14 2014
  • Re: Faithlife TV Now Live

    I'd love to see this available for apple tv as well! Airplay works, but it would be nice to have it available as an onboard app!
    Posted to General by Nicholas Hatch on Tue, Mar 11 2014
  • Re: Requesting user feedback: Send to Kindle feature

    I would love to have this feature available. I love all the great study features logos offers through tablets, phones, and my mac, but sometimes when I just want to sit and read, e-ink is the way to go. I can really immerse myself in a book without eyestrain.
    Posted to General by Nicholas Hatch on Sun, Jan 26 2014
  • Re: Choosing my Mac

    Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of time, lol. I'm in seminary currently, and my PC has crashed 3 times in the last two weeks. Ive got to get up and running asap before it crashes irrecoverably. Good news is at least i get an academic discount to help me bear the pain of not getting the latest and greatest hardware
    Posted to Logos 5 by Nicholas Hatch on Wed, Sep 4 2013
  • Re: Choosing my Mac

    Thanks for all the input! Since it seems like the SSD is the most recommended feature I think I'm going to opt for the macbook pro w/retina display: 13-inch: 2.6GHz with Retina display 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz 8GB 1600MHz memory 256GB flash storage 1 Intel HD Graphics 4000 Built-in battery (7 hours) 2 i'll just add an
    Posted to Logos 5 by Nicholas Hatch on Tue, Sep 3 2013
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