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  • Re: Data Center Storage Failure, 11/21

    [quote user="Ralph Tyner"] I am thankful that I am able to use Logos 6 on my Mac and that resources that were downloaded prior to the current problems appear to be accessible and useable. Once the server is back to full capacity, I wonder if you might also address a question I have about the Logos mobile app (or refer it to the appropriate IT person
    Posted to General by Fred on Sun, Nov 23 2014
  • Re: How is sharing supposed to work?

    Thank you Lynden. I must say, however, that while not surprising it's disappointing. Really, requiring people to buy before they can see is not any better than saying "Hi, look this up in your own copy of this book." I don't really see how that qualifies as "sharing" in any useful, Internet-ish sense. I realize this is probably an issue driven more
    Posted to by Fred on Fri, Aug 24 2012
  • Re: How is sharing supposed to work?

    Hi Thomas, Just following up here. I've shared a link with someone. That link is this: When she visits that link, after logging in she gets this: Forbidden Sorry, you don't have permission to view that book. (error 403) Options You may purchase a license for that book at Is that what you are
    Posted to by Fred on Fri, Aug 24 2012
  • Re: How is sharing supposed to work?

    Hi Philana, [quote user="Philana Crouch"] You can copy the text you wanted to share into the text box that opens on the sharing site. [/quote] Yes, I do that. But since Biblia's Share button provides a link to the original text on Biblia, I was hoping to be able to offer that link to my readers so that they can use it. That way they can see my quotation
    Posted to by Fred on Mon, Jul 2 2012
  • How is sharing supposed to work?

    How is sharing supposed to work at If I click the "share" link it displays a URL for the resource I have open. But unless the resource is one of the free ones available at Biblia or a person owns the resource himself, it seems that he can't use my link: he gets a 403 error. So I am curious: how is the sharing is supposed to work for stuff
    Posted to by Fred on Sun, Jul 1 2012
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