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  • Future Updates? Mark Driscoll Archive

    I wanted to make sure that the Mark Driscoll Sermon Archive was going to be updated for free in the future? The John Piper Sermon Archive says that it is. I sure hope the Mark Driscoll one is as well. Does anyone have an answer for this? Thanks!
    Posted to General by Paul K on Fri, Nov 26 2010
  • Memory Verses?

    I was curious if there was any kind of Memory Verse feature in the Logos 4? If not I think it would be really awesome to add one in! Have a list of memory verses as well as add your own? Perhaps stick it up in that title bar area next to the "Read the BIble in a Year" box on the bar is? - Paul
    Posted to Logos 4 by Paul K on Thu, Sep 30 2010
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