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  • Re: 30 Years at Faithlife... a new role, and a new CEO...

    Sounds like a great move for you and the company, Bob. Your development of Logos Bible Software has been a great blessing to my life and ministry. I continue to use it every day and 20+ hours each week as I prepare sermons. Keep up the great work!
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Thu, Jan 6 2022
  • Re: Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary

    PROS: It is beautifully done with great pictures, etc. As its title suggests the focus is on the cultural and historical background of what is taking place in the Biblical text. As a result, you will find information here that you won't find in other commentaries. Very well done and well written. CONS: Since it isn't focused on the text itself, you
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Fri, Dec 24 2021
  • THANKFUL for Logos & Faithlife

    In 2008, a ministry friend of mine told me that I "must get Logos." My only exposure to Bible software was a primitive, now defunct brand that I did use weekly preparing sermons - if only to print out sections of commentaries that I only had in digital form. After a brief demonstration looking at my friend's computer monitor, I took the plunge and bought
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Wed, Nov 24 2021
  • Re: Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) March Matchup

    While some have gotten it cheaper in the past, I believe that happened some time ago. $599 is a GREAT price for what you get with the WBC. Absolutely one of the best values in commentary sets. Its a great resource at a very good price. I say get it now.
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Thu, Mar 18 2021
  • Re: Reading a commentary series in a year

    Michael, I saw where the Tyndale commentaries were recommended to you. They are excellent and would be a good choice, if you can pull it off to read that much. Another good option would be Thomas Constable's Notes - which are really a mid-level commentary. Personally, rather than a commentary set, I would probably recommend reading the notes from a
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Fri, Mar 12 2021
  • Re: Price tracking?

    [quote user="GregW"] This is really worth doing. It also saves you from needing to check regularly, as you usually get an email to alert you if something on your wish list goes on sale. Also, the Sales team look at your Wish list when putting together any kind of deal. [/quote] Good point, GregW. I have been contacted when a wish list item went on sale
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Fri, Mar 5 2021
  • Re: Price tracking?

    [quote user="Mike Binks"] Just to add (or emphasise) Greg. One should make a point of watching the price of 'quality resources' ie things that one needs rather than wants. When one goes to purchase then make a habit of checking the 'is included in the following packages box'. One can be pleasantly surprised on occasion. [/quote] Two excellent and needed
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Fri, Mar 5 2021
  • Re: Price tracking?

    It might be more helpful to compose a "Wish List" on your profile that will reflect the current prices. Then if anything on your wish list goes on sale it will be reflected there. All you have to do is check it from time to time. Focus on quality resources you know you want rather than a huge quantity of resources. One caveat to this approach. The absolute
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Wed, Mar 3 2021
  • Re: Study Bibles On Sale

    The MacArthur Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible are both tremendous resources that I have used regularly for years. Looking at the sale, I picked up the ESV Systematic Study Bible Notes. After my initial look at it, I believe it is a wonderful and unique resource well worth the money.
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Thu, Jan 28 2021
  • Re: best commentary on John 15?

    I have found the following commentaries extremely good when preaching from John.... Already mentioned, but D.A. Carson in Pillar New Testament Commentary William Hendricksen's volume in the New Testament Commentary Gerald Bochert's two volumes on John in The New American Commentary George Beasely-Murray in The Word Biblical Commentary
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Mon, Nov 23 2020
  • Re: So, who else has found L9 to be a bit...underwhelming?

    Speaking as a daily Logos user since Logos 3, I like what they have done here. Logos 8 was a BIG step forward - albeit with some snags that have been noted. Rather than a big step forward, Logos 9 keeps the same general look and flow but make some significant upgrades and improvements. Personally, I am glad. I don't like to have to "re-learn" Logos
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Thu, Oct 29 2020
  • Best Values Among the Logos 9 Base Packages

    From a quick glance at the packages it appears there has been some re-configuring of them for Logos 9 - although my impression is that the changes are not as great as in past versions. I will definitely purchase a new Logos 9 package very soon. Does anyone have suggestions as to which package(s) represent the best value in terms of resources you get
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Mon, Oct 26 2020
  • Re: Self Learn Logos vs MP Training - please share your experience and thoughts

    I have been a Logos user for 12 years - starting with Logos 3. I tried a number of training options, but far and away the most beneficial was attending a Camp Logos two day seminar. Now MP Seminars is offering the videos to watch on your own time. For many of us "time" is the problem. The advantage of Camp Logos is that you clear your calendar and you
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Mon, Oct 19 2020
  • Re: Fellow Baptists particularly pastors what do you recommend as a basic library?

    Josh, great question. Writing this as a 25 year Southern Baptist pastor - and 12 year Logos user. Given your parameters mentioned, I would recommend the following.... Buy three study Bibles (all are basic, one volume commentaries) - The MacArthur Study Bible, The ESV Study Bible, and The Zondervan NIV Study Bible. Then get Thomas Constable's Notes.
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Sun, Aug 9 2020
  • Re: LOGOS Version question

    Joe, I speak to this as a daily Logos user since Logos 3. I can say that Logos 8 is a great step up from Logos 7. There is always a pretty cheap upgrade option with the new versions if all you want is the new functionality. Or my understanding is that the basic engine of the new version is always made available for free. The BIG thing to keep your eye
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Fri, Aug 7 2020
  • Re: Thompson Chain

    Brought back old memories, as the gift of a Thompson Chain Reference Bible was greatly helpful to me early in my study/ministry. Even though the Thompson Chain Reference Bible isn't for sale in Logos, The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is a very similar type resource and I have found it to be very helpful - along with the old Nave's Topical.
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Fri, Aug 7 2020
  • Re: When does 30% on packages end? And does this mean Logos 9 is near?

    If there are things you want in a package at 30% off, I would say to go ahead and buy now. Whenever Logos 9 comes out the packages will be reworked and the resources you want might not be in the new packages. I came in on Logos 3 and this has been the case every time a new version has come out.
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Mon, May 11 2020
  • Re: New User Commentary Recommendations

    Lance, If you have not already purchased them, I would advise you to purchase three study Bibles - the ESV Study Bible, the Zondervan NIV Study Bible, and the Macarthur Study Bible. The notes are extensive and they are like commentaries on the entire Bible. This would be $100 or so well spent. The following sets are excellent and provide good original
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Wed, Feb 26 2020
  • Re: Logos Now Should I renew or not?

    I agree with some of the other comments that the value of LogosNow/FaithLifeConnect seems to have gone down. However, I also wonder if it is because I haven't taken the time to explore it more. I just allowed my subscription to renew, not because I feel it is a good value but because FaithLife has made it clear that they need consistent subscription
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Thu, Dec 19 2019
  • Re: Word Biblical Commentary to be $399.99 this weekend

    What an INCREDIBLE price for a great resource. I bought this set in print in 1994 and then again in Logos a few years back. It is extremely valuable.
    Posted to General by Greg Corbin on Thu, Aug 29 2019
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