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  • Re: How do you use Logos 4?

    I am not a scholar or anything other than an average joe, my primary usage is with the daily bible reading. I have purchased the Gold package and the books give me the ability to do an instant search on the original languages of many texts that are translated differently in the different versions. This is a great help when the "text comparison" is very
    Posted to Logos 4 by Orland D. Foster on Wed, Nov 25 2009
  • Re: Hebrew Word Study Problem

    I noticed you tried to search under NASB95. Have you tried to change the perameters to another bible? I want to say i had that problem with some bibles, but King James had better results. I think it may be a glitch not fully worked out yet.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Orland D. Foster on Fri, Nov 20 2009
  • Daily Bible Reading

    I have been reading daily readings for years with previous versions of Logos. I recreated the parameters of my latest reading plan from Version 3 and Version 4 was close enough to be able to 'pick up where i left off'. After reading in this version for a week or so, i happened to notice that when i have a section of Psalms that should start at the beginning
    Posted to General by Orland D. Foster on Sun, Nov 15 2009
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