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  • New Translation......

    I really want to get a translation into logos. Is there an easy way to get EHV which is in bible gateway into logos?.
    Posted to Logos 8 by William on Sun, Dec 16 2018
  • Delitzsch New Testament

    Is there anyone out there that has Franz Delitzsch's Hebrew New Testament? I would like to get this translation for my library,.
    Posted to General by William on Sat, Feb 10 2018
  • Original language

    Okay, Is there much support for the idea that the NT was written in Aramaic? I have heard that the Eastern Church says that and the Western Church says it was written in Greek. I also have a request for Frans Delitzsch translation. I would like to read it in logos if possible.
    Posted to General by William on Fri, Feb 2 2018
  • L7 help....

    I have noticed that my start menu has a page of paper as the Icon and the name is LOGOS 6. If I click it, it opens L7 (as it should.) How can I get the proper icon? and Name?
    Posted to General by William on Thu, Dec 28 2017
  • Importance

    I remember a while back reading an article in the Quarterly (Wisc Lutheran) about the importance of knowing the original languages of scripture. I am pretty sure it was after 1989 when the logos version stops. I really want to find that article again. Maybe there are some other articles out there. I just remember this one since I think Walther or another
    Posted to General by William on Fri, Oct 13 2017
  • Re: New Minimum Windows OS requirement for 7.10

    ok, I wanted to verify that i
    Posted to Logos 7 by William on Sun, Sep 24 2017
  • what now?

    I decided to upgrade my computer by adding a 240GB SSD and some RAM. What I think happened is this...... The new drive is in and Windows 10 was installed to it and I had them add firefox to this SSD. I am thinking nothing else is on it. I still have the 1TB HDD as extra room. I am guessing nothing added or deleted. This was were my windows 10 machine
    Posted to General by William on Sat, Sep 16 2017
  • Books

    What is the best or easiest way to get all my books downloaded to my Android device?
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by William on Fri, Jun 23 2017
  • Android app

    I want to list all my fiction ebooks so that I can have them read to me. How do I do this?
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by William on Wed, May 31 2017
  • BBG Vocabulary

    I am getting some skips or something in BBG chapter 6. I am sure this is not the place to note this but.....I don't remember where I need to. Thanks.
    Posted to General by William on Mon, May 29 2017
  • Re: Annotated Luther Volume 5

    I want this product in Logos.
    Posted to Lutheran Products by William on Mon, May 29 2017
  • Re: Logos-Now

    Thanks all. That got the info expected and desired.
    Posted to General by William on Sat, Apr 22 2017
  • Logos-Now

    I think I am......How do I determine if I am a subscriber of logos-now?
    Posted to General by William on Sat, Apr 22 2017
  • Greek or Hebrew

    I have a great desire to learn the original languages of Scripture. I am further along with Hebrew than Greek. I want to study with somebody. Is there anyone who knows what I might do to start something? I was considering Skype. Anyone here want to start with me in Greek? I just don't know where to start or what really to do. I would like to get more
    Posted to General by William on Fri, Nov 11 2016
  • Sola Scriptura

    How do I get a good search for the above topic? I'm just not getting a variety of searches. 2. Is there a book or resource to show an example of a Hebrew exegetical paper.
    Posted to General by William on Mon, Oct 17 2016
  • Need help....

    I was given a short list of exegetical or lexical problems in the text. I would like to be able to write a short paper after a thorough investigation of the resources on the problem in the text, lexicons, translations, reference sources, etc. My question first and foremost is there a book or source that would describe how to go about "studying" this
    Posted to Logos 7 by William on Thu, Oct 6 2016
  • camp 1

    I went to Camp logos 1 many years ago....I think Logos 4 might have been 3. Would it be a good idea to attend again with logos 6 out and logos now.....? Are there enough "new" ideas in working more efficiently in logos 6 that makes a camp one useful? William
    Posted to General by William on Tue, Jan 5 2016
  • member of in profile

    How can I change the member of....this church.... in my profile? I changed membership in the fact that the other one closed up shop.
    Posted to General by William on Sun, May 31 2015
  • Re: [request] Theology explorer

    I am sure that a theologian can not really be defined by this or that theological label. ??? I of course have no real experience labeling or even knowing what this or that label really means. I think I am an evangelical Lutheran that lives in America but there is absolutely no comparison between me and what I have heard and/or seen of the Evangelical
    Posted to Logos Now by William on Fri, May 8 2015
  • history question

    Is there a book that has the history of the major players from about 35 A.D. to 100 A.D. When John died
    Posted to General by William on Mon, May 4 2015
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