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Pastor of a rural "First Baptist" in Texas: graduate of East Texas Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I'm married with two young adult children. I've been in full-time ministry for about 28 years, and at my current church for 17. I've been using Logos since the mid-90s. In my church I am responsible for 3 sermons a week, plus other pastoral and administrative responsibilities. Logos, MS Outook and a smartphone keep me reasonably on time and up to speed. My wife and Mondays off keep me sane. That sanity may be in question, though: I am about to begin a DMin program at Truett Seminary in Waco, Texas. I discovered Logos's forums when I upgraded to L4 in March of 2010. I find them to be a daily source of information and entertainment. Hats off to the MVP members. My PC specs: Dell Precision M4400, Dual Core 2.5 GHz, Win7 64-bit, 8 Gb RAM, WEI 5.7; NovaBench 506. I also have Logos 4 running on a netbook with a single core AMD processor, 4Gb of RAM and Win7 64-bit, WEI 3.1; NovaBench 198.

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