The “desktop” feature freezes the app

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Grant Baker | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Apr 12 2018 4:36 AM


I just installed the app and have discovered an issue with the desktop zoom out feature where you can add another book, document, etc.

Description – How were you using the app when the problem occurred? I was attempting to open the passage guide, though I’ve noticed it happens with anything I might open occasionally.

Reproduction Steps - Clearly explain how to reproduce the issue. This is the tough part, there is no discernible pattern. Guessing it may have something to do with some kind of memory allotment issue, but I'm no expert. Basically, it happens when I try to open another resource whether from the hamburger menu at the bottom right or the large addition symbols in the zoomed out view. But again, not consistently.

Device Info – iPad 5th gen running 11.2.6

Soli Deo Gloria

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