Dynamic Pricing/Logos Confused With What I Have And Don't Have

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Patrick Fleischmann | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 1 2018 7:48 AM

Here is a screenshot of what I'm seeing as I review a Verbum 8 base package, already owning a Verbum 7.  It's telling me in the larger window (both windows show me logged in) that lists the details of Verbum 8 starter that under "Atlases, Maps, and Media" I already own the "Catholic Answers Video Library" but it doesn't think I own "Word on Fire Video Library" - and I don't recall seeing Word on Fire in my library.  But when I open a new window to see the details of what's in this item the resulting window (also part of the screenshot I've attached) tells me "You own this product".  


This isn't giving me a great deal of confidence in Logo's ability to really reflect accurately what I have and don't have relative to their dynamic pricing and whether it really does accurately price what I'm looking at. 

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Celeste Fiorillo | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Nov 1 2018 9:21 AM

Hi Patrick,

I'm sorry for this confusion and I understand how it would shake your confidence! Let me explain what is happening (and what we're fixing!) to ease your nerves.

The base package product page is correct, https://verbum.com/products/165454/verbum-starter, you do not own the Word on Fire Video Library. If you check in your software library, you'll see that you don't have access to that resource. 

The Word on Fire Video Library page is incorrecthttps://verbum.com/products/46371/word-on-fire-video-library , you do not own that product. That product is not available for sale individually, it only comes in other collections like base packages. We have a bug right now where "non-sellable products" are showing the "You own this product" text underneath the price when it shouldn't do that. We are working to resolve it now. 

I'm sorry for the confusion this has caused you, but I can assure you that the dynamic price is being accurately calculated on the base package. Let me know if I can do anything else to help. Thank you for reaching out. 

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Ram Teodosio | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jul 30 2019 12:36 AM

I have similar issues. Please review how a bundle was calculated if books were purchased separately vs my dynamic pricing. The calculated books purchased separately is cheaper than my dynamic pricing. 

Please take a look at the algorithm. Something is off!

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Mark Barnes | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jul 30 2019 2:54 AM

Ram Teodosio:
Please take a look at the algorithm. Something is off!

Take a look at the text at the very bottom of your screenshot!

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