Is anyone interested in transferring their Verbum 8 silver (or better) base package to me, at a low price?

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Luke Wadel | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Jul 1 2019 10:51 PM

Earlier today I read a very kind post from someone last year who was interested in transferring his license when he dies to someone who could use it. That struck me as a beautiful charitable act. It occurred to me that other people who are no longer actively using their Verbum software might feel called to pass it on, perhaps for free, perhaps at a low price, to someone who would strive to do great good with it who can't afford it.

I have health problems that prevent me from working full time, and I lost tens of thousands of dollars to necessary house foundation repair. I can't afford even the minimal monthly payments of getting what I need in Verbum new. But I have a degree in Philosophy and Classics, with high marks, and in my research I am breaking new ground on the problem of evil. I am also a Catholic who accepts the teachings of the Church, who loves and studies the Bible, who also will never stop mining the Early Church Fathers and Aquinas for wisdom with the hope of sharing it with the world.

It seems that there is a Facebook page that facilitates the resale of Logos software at sometimes cheap prices, but I can't find one that does the same for Verbum software. If anyone would like to transfer to me or in any way help me get, ideally, Verbum Platinum, or at least Verbum Silver (base packages below Silver don't have the full original language functionality that I would need), I would be extremely grateful.

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Luke Wadel | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jul 21 2019 9:46 AM

When Verbum Bronze (version 8) went on sale 30% off, and a cheque for that amount came in at the same time, I picked it up. So instead of needing a whole base package, what I need most now are good Greek lexica (LSJ, BDAG, and Kittel), the Oxford Latin Dictionary, and Greek Old and New Testaments (Rahlfs and UBS 4 or 5). Also extremely useful would be many titles by St. Augustine, Patrologia Graeca volumes for Origen, a good scholarly Bible Commentary set (if possible, one that tends to be insightful or at least sensible in theology as well as history), and Scripture commentaries by St. Thomas Aquinas. There are many other Logos/Verbum resources that I don't have yet that would also help me get the solution to the problem of evil out there in more splendid a form, but I can't ask for all of them. Offers would be gratefully considered. God bless.

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