Cyril of Alexandria - Commentary on St. Luke

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Ken McGuire | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Sep 21 2011 6:10 AM

After all of the specifically Lutheran personal books I have shared, I looked for something different.  Eventually I went to for some cleaned up patristic etexts that were outside the standard collection Logos publishes.  I saw that they had some Cyril, and I know from experience that Cyril has a gift for seeing deeply into the mystery of who Jesus is and also a gift for telling us why we should care.

Eventually I did see enough of a release of copyright rights for the transcription that I felt comfortable releasing the docx.  I then searched here at Logos and found that it was on the community pricing list.  I have no desire to keep people from purchasing the pre-pub, and so will NOT release a full version.

That said, I am comfortable releasing what I have so far.  It is incomplete - I did only the first hundred pages or so.  It is also incomplete in that the electronic text I converted did NOT have all the footnotes.  I have also not bothered to chase down all the biblical references to create links.

But it can give you a flavor of St. Cyril's work.  I encourage you to take a look at this, and if you are at all interested, order the community pricing version to drive down the price before Friday.


Ken McGuire

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