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SteveF | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Nov 16 2009 10:23 AM


Dan had commented in the above thread that no system wide "Newsline" email had been sent announcing the release of L4. Even without that "Newsline", with the influence of the Beta Testers and the availability of the Web site, obviously many, many people already "know" about L4. They just do not know "enough" to help.

For the "keen" computer literates - If they click through 3 pages on the website: Home, Support, then choose either or both of the FAQS (neither of which are labeled L4) they then can get some answers.

Even then the FAQ related to "missing"   is not really all that clear.

: What is missing in Logos 4 from the Libronix Digital Library System?

A: Because Logos 4 is all new, users of the Libronix DLS will find that the new design puts favorite features or functionality in new places. We hope you'll find them even more powerful and much easier to use. In a few cases, we put off redesigning and re-implementing features of the Libronix DLS. Here is an outline of features planned for addition to Logos 4.(end quote)


(Continue: The following will look as if it is part of the above quote - it is not)

"missing"? (There is no specific mention of L3)

"planned'? (Anything new/improved could be "planned" for new software).

It takes a 4th click to get the information that L4 does not have stuff that people use in L3 (and unless you know the "secret code" there is no other way to find and load that page!)

It is not until you get to the very bottom of that 4th page that there is this comment: 

Great News!

Logos Bible Software 4 doesn't disable your Libronix DLS 3.x installation. So when you upgrade you don't lose anything -- you can continue to use LDLS 3.x for anything that doesn't yet have a Logos 4 equivalent! (end quote)

(Continue: The following is not part of hte above quote)

I know Logos has to sell software, BUT that comment should be on the FIRST page, not buried way down at the bottom of the 4th page (if people even make all of the right clicks to get there).

No wonder buyers are confused, are filling up Logos phone lines, and most are all asking the same questions when they are directed to the Forums. "Can I keep my L3 books?" "Will my L3 books 'port' over etc" (Yes, it's on your site, BUT you have to proceed to the bottom of a 4th page to find it!)

Unless the Website is improved/more links added, with a customer base of 700,000 this will go on for months!

Hopefully the new WIki will help.  


For those answering questions on the forums, please assume the "lowest common denominator" - (I don't remember having to scan so many pages of so much fine print when ordering/upgrading other software.)

As for those of you just coming on to the Forums: "We are your only hope" (obscure Star Wars reference)

Please use the search window at the top (It is not that helpful).

Check out the WIki - many of the long time Forum helpers are posting FAQ's there.



ps. It appears that as soon as one upgrades, any information/links  on their personalized Website related to "minimal" "cross-grade" then disappears.

This appears to be the norm. Another customer has also commented "Crossgrade is not offered anywhere, unless you happen to know the pages where to look for it (which means you must have preknowledge that crossgrade exists).

Regards, SteveF

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