How do I get the video to fill the panel?

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Lindsay Kennedy | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jun 26 2014 10:37 AM

Hi There, I've just started working on a Mobile Ed course and have spent a good while trying to figure out how to get the video to fill the right-hand panel (or as much as it can, given the dimensions). Currently, it's a little small. I assumed I could get the video to fill the right-hand panel, like it appears to do in the Mobile Ed page. For example, in the first picture, Craig Evans fills the panel. Can I do this?

PS. I have resized right panel to fill up more of my screen. That has helped, but if I could fill the panel like on the Mobile Ed page that would be ideal.


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Josh Burdick | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jun 26 2014 12:33 PM

Lindsay, it is not currently possible to scale the video as seen on the Mobile Ed page. The images that you are referring to on the landing page are for illustration only.

Video for Mobile Ed is shot and delivered in an HD widescreen format (1920x1080). In most cases it is better to view the videos in this format (and not zoomed in to fill the whole panel) because our team has gone through each lesson and added on screen text and graphics next to the professor to enhance the overall learning experience. Scaling or zooming in on the professor within the resource would cut off most of this content.

When I am working through Mobile Ed material I usually end up watching the video in one quadrant of the screen which frees up space for the transcript, notes, and any other additional resources I'd like to have open. If you have a second display you can also float the panel for the video resource to the second monitor and view it full screen.

I hope this helps and apologize if the photos on our website were misleading.

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