Proclaim problems with screen resolution

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Jeff Stephens | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Mar 22 2018 7:06 AM

We added a second computer screen so that we can have the display that is projected on a screen on the wall on that computer screen. I thought it would make it easier to manage proclaim on primary computer during our service. However, the image displayed on the wall from projector is too big for the screen. I tried adjusting the resolution on both the second monitor and the computer. But it doesn't change it. We are using a PC at 16:9 resolution. My cable hook up is a hdmi to hdmi splitter with one hdmi>vga that goes to projectors. The second one is hdmi>dvi that goes to second monitor. Any ideas on how to get the image to fit the screen on the wall?

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Matt Mattox (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Mar 22 2018 1:11 PM

Hey Jeff,

What kind of projector is it? Do you happen to have a link to the make/model of your projector?

Have you checked if your projector is using a true 16:9 ratio? Most projectors default to 16:10 ratio.

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Jeff Stephens | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Mar 23 2018 6:30 AM


the projector is an Epson home cinema 740hd. This morning I tried changing the resolution and aspect on it. The best setting is resolution 'normal' and the aspect 'native'. However, no matter what I do the image is always offset to the left. If I eliminate the splitter and second monitor. the image is back to normal. Our best image is with proclaim on 4:3 and the projector on native. But as I said it is still offset to the left. Thought about just moving the projector, but the image is offset within the projector. In other words, the image doesn't fill the right 5-10" of projector light. 

The splitter I am using is an Extreme HDMI Splitter, 4k

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Matt Mattox (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Mar 23 2018 7:36 AM

Hey Jeff,

 Is it possible to connect them VGA and HDMI? Looking at the manual of your Epson 740 it should have a VGA and an HDMI port. 

Assuming we are using an HDMI splitter? (Have you tried using a different splitter yet?) Looking like the splitter maybe whats causing the image to be off set, but lets try a few other things real quick. 

Can you adjust the 'zoom ring' and see if that will reduce or enlarge the image?

Here are a couple articles I found that might be a bit helpful: 

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Jeff Stephens | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Mar 23 2018 10:37 AM


we actually have a front and back projector. They are different models of Epson so HDMI is not an option. Just bought this splitter so haven't tried others. It is HDMI. Adjusting the ring doesn't change the offset of the image. The support pages didn't offer much help either. 

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Matt Mattox (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Mar 24 2018 8:08 AM

Hey Jeff,

Can you check that both projectors are using a true 16:9 ratio as most projectors are defaulted into a 16:10 aspect ratio which we don't support, but will in the near future.

We have seen some issues with projectors using splitters it maybe worth checking out a new splitter. 

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Jeff Stephens | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Mar 24 2018 9:40 AM

They are at 16:9. They don’t offer 16:10. 

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Jordan Sjodin | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Mar 24 2018 10:13 AM

sorry to jump in here, but it sounds like you have a feed coming from the computer, then split to two outputs. One is the projector which is using an Adapter for hdmi to vga and the other is a monitor using an adapter for hdmi to dvi. Is that correct?

if you remove the splitter, and do hdmi to vga to the projector is it still cut off?

while the splitter is connected, does the extra monitor look correct?

since you are using a splitter, what resolution does the PC think that ‘monitor’ Is?

i assume you also have a regular monitor for the PC that you see the Proclaim application on? So Windows currently sees two screens, while there are actually three due to the splitter. Is that correct?

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Jeff Stephens | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Mar 24 2018 10:29 AM

Hi Jordan

 setup is laptop >hdmi splitter> hdmi/vga to two projectors and the 1/2 of splitter goes to hdmi/dvi to monitor. If I eliminate splitter and just go to vga/projectors there is no problem. It’s only when I add splitter. 

The reason we wanted another monitor is to eliminate

audience from viewing the mouse and task bar. It maybe we just need better training in proclaim. 

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Jeff Stephens | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 2 2018 1:17 PM

Thanks to all for the help. I ended up just eliminating the second screen. 

i am using just the laptop. 

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