Proclaim version 1.0 update (build 77)

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Scott Alexander | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jan 26 2012 7:07 PM

For those of you that have experienced instability related to memory usage while presenting, we apologize. We have just shipped a significant update for Windows and Mac that addresses the memory usage issues. ­There are a couple known issues which will be resolved next week.

Image Slideshow editor (Mac) - scrolling through the edit preview loads the visible bitmaps into memory. The memory will not be freed until you move on to the next service item. If you had a single image slideshow with 100+ slides using high res images and you manually scrolled the edit view down you could exhaust your available memory and crash the app. Moving on to the next service item editor will free this memory. We hope to get a fix for this issue out early next week.


Slide transitions performance (Windows and Mac) - The foreground and background layers used in each slide are generated on demand and destroyed once you move on to the next slide. This can result in a noticeable lag when transitioning between slides. The next phase of this redesign (next week) is to cache the generated slides to disk which will make transitioning even heavily stylized slides snappy.

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