Suggestion: Ability to set frequency of synching on mobile devices

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Harry Hahne | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, May 23 2012 2:05 PM

The synching of community notes happens quite quickly on FSB for Android. This is good and bad. It means that I can see new notes quickly. It also means that the battery of my tablet and phone will be quickly drained because the app will be constantly checking to see if there are any changes to be made.

I want the ability to set the frequency of synching. An option to turn off sync and manually sync is also a good idea. It is especially important that the mobile apps not sync when the app is not actively being used. I hate apps that do background sync when I have not started them. For most of my apps I have sync set to only sync when I start the app and then manually sync thereafter. This gives me much better battery life and better performance, since apps are not starting themselves in the background and synching when I don't want them to.

Also there should be the option to sync only on WiFi, for people with limited mobile data plans.

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