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Geary Williams | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Dec 8 2009 6:36 PM

Hello folks,

       I have a few buttons and panes not opening.  I was told to upload my log files?  I need someone to give me a step by step on this one, please?        I'm not even sure I know what i'm missing or what should be working?    I have the new scholar's edition.....I don't have anything opening up under places, things,  and the media section looks out of focus and not complete?   Ok,  enough for now....Thanks for anyone responding and making it simple for a non computer guy....Shalom in your home.



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Tom Philpot (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Dec 8 2009 10:37 PM


Please see this thread for how to post your log files.

Here's a quick run down on what's not working yet off the top of my head: biblical people, places, things, anything with 'No view exists for this panel kind', most of the home page content, several guide sections, visual filters, syntax search. There are lots of gaps but that's why it's called an "Alpha Pre-Release". Hang around for a few weeks; I hope you'll see we're making a lot of progress. In the meantime, you can reply to this thread with your logs files and we'll take a look at them.


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