Athanasius ad Marcellinus (about the Psalter) in German

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L.A. | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Mar 16 2015 12:51 PM

Last week, while listening to James Houston: The Loss of the Psalter  The Loss of Christian devotion. Regent Audio 3900E... Houston mentions Luther, Bede and Athanasius' ad Marcellinus...  Luther I knew, Athanasius not... Couldn`t find "ad Marcellinus" on the Logos www. Finally found it on , a Swiss-German Site about the apostolic and church-fathers. --- quite nice to read... few allusions to Arius. For all who hesitate memorizing the whole Psalter, these 20 pages might be a nice try Smile Finally it's in German Wink 

I'm attaching 3 files: the text itself, book-cover, Titlepage (which also mentions the other ressources that belong to the whole book - for all who like to compile the rest Wink

Compiling the book please set the resource language to German

The BKV is a catholic resource. So it works with the LXX and all OT-references are compiled with ">> biblelxx:...". Up to here all seems fine. However I encountered some problems:

  • How to refer correctly to III Kings ? I tried biblelxx:1Kö (or Kg or Ks) Logos only recognizes bible:1Kö (PB compiled in the German UI)
  • Logos does not recognize the last footnote. 
  • the log file shows some 4 errors I cannot find, but doesn't seem important

5001.00_bkv279etc Athanasius ausgewählte Schriften 2 - Titelseite.docx 

1754.04_bkv279 Athanasius_Epistula ad Marcellinum LOGOS.docx


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