Value of Partner Media @ $49.99/month?

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Jason Ledbetter | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, May 25 2017 11:22 AM


How are ya'll evaluating the value of the Partner Media option with Proclaim? Due to recent issues with the graceway imports, I've taken another look at the media available via the partner program, and I'm having a hard time seeing the value. I'd like another opinion to see if I'm just missing something.

Our church is small, so at 49.99/month, that equates to $600/year.

The graceway/igniter included content is a small subset of the total content available via a normal graceway/igniter subscription.

CMG media is the next big piece, which as of this writing, has 157 results when I filter by CMG in the media browser. CMG itself is $99/year or a one-time $348+99/year afterwards for access to their history+current.

Graceway doesn't provide a monthly payment option, but will over some discounts on their yearly price that brings it down to a ~450 for graceway+igniter. 

Adding in CMG with their $99/year plan still comes in under $600/year, with more content.

... all that said, what am I missing with the value of Partner Media relative to external purchase and using the integration options?


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Jordan Sjodin | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 25 2017 12:42 PM

Hi Jason, sorry about the extra content that has been showing up recently, we are actively investigating the cause of this right now.


As for Partner Media's value, one thing to note is that the results number is the number of Series, not individual pieces. So when it comes to CMG, many of the series contain numerous backgrounds, increasing the total number substantially.


It is true that Graceway and Igniter's offering in Partner Media is a subset of their total offering, but we have recently worked with Graceway on a system that will add new content to Partner Media as Graceway sees fit, so I expect that library to grow in the near future.


On top of that, Partner Media includes ever growing collections of media from Dan Stevers, Freebridge, and Playback.

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Michael Wright | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 25 2017 12:54 PM

 I am also with a small church and decided to bypass the Graceway offerings due to the cost. I do subscribe to Proclaim's Pro Media, but have always had mixed feelings about it. I have even allowed it to expire once. We have one service per week, and it just doesn't make sense to spend so much to "rent" graphics for an hour each week. It would seem that any graphic I have used, and paid for, should continue to be mine. Maybe that is how Graceway works, I don't know. But even then, the price is too high. There are allot of free graphics available if you do some looking. I get some very nice background from church members who take pictures with a cell phone.

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