NT Wright Lectionary: Twelve Months of Sundays

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NB.Mick | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jun 30 2018 4:01 PM

NT Wright has produced three volumes on reflections on the Sunday readings, titled "Twelve Months of Sundays". Currently they are not tagged with lectionary dates in Logos, though. To rectify this situation, I made a PB source for current church year B which gives the readings and a link to NT Wright's reflections. Compile as a PB of type lectionary to make it work.

3683.Twelve Months of Sundays Lectionary.docx

This PB will work without owning the book if you want to follow the readings of the Church of England (which are often the same as the RCL, but not always), but of course it makes more sense if you can follow the links. I simply used the resource picture from the Logos product site.

The lectionary will work on the home page with the usual functionality, such as verse preview and calendar picker:  

And it will have the usual lectionary features, such as choosing any translation in the lectionary resource, selecting dates etc.


This PB source can be modified to link alternative or additional reflections on the lectionary - and someday I intend to update it with years C and A (but we're good now until November). 

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