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Virgil Sams | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Aug 15 2018 9:16 AM

Does Logos have The Clear Word Bible? If it does, how can I acquire it?

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Ted Hans | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 15 2018 12:11 PM

Virgil Sams:
Does Logos have The Clear Word Bible?

Welcome to the forum Virgil. To answer your question Logos do not have the Clear Word Bible.

You can put your request in the suggestion forum for Logos to make it available.

The Clear Word Bible

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Michael John Nisbett | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Sep 2 2018 6:04 AM


Because this book is a very poor representation of what the Word of God says, they have dropped "Bible" form the title. It is only a devotional book. It must not be used as anything else. Even as an SDA, it see some strange things in there that are not in the Bible. Please keep this in mind.


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Zeke Vasquez | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Nov 7 2018 4:51 PM

I took a class from Dr. Blanco and I believe he stayed within the bounds of a dynamic translation that is similar to the Message. I think that if the source is used properly it can be of great benefit. I am with Virgil on this one, I would love to see it in Logos and I would integrate it in my sermons more. 

I stick mostly with literal translations but I dabble in dynamic when I feel it is appropriate. You just need to rely on literal over dynamic. 

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JohnB | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 11 2018 1:36 PM

Keke, I am sure that you will be aware that the title Bible was removed from the book by the publisher following strong pressure from the church academic sector. 

I am not the only ordinary church member who does not wish our church to be associated with denominations who do have their own translation and rely on it to prove their doctrines. 

I know church members who do use this, think of it as a normal bible, and use it as a witnessing tool. This does not do our reputation any good at all.

To make clear, it is not called "The "Clear Word Bible" but only "The Clear Word" as can be seen from the title page on Amazon although Amazon have still not updated the title on the page heading.

To be frank, the chances of this book getting through the pre-pub stage are negligible. Even a Jerusalem bible has been sitting there for years.  

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David Ames | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 11 2018 5:43 PM

As others have said it is to be seen only as a devotional book. As I understand its history the author wrote it for a child he knew. Some friends found it interesting and he published it.  Like any devotional it has high points and others where its doctrine may be questionable.  It is not officially seen as a Bible translation.  However its advertising often leaves much to be desired because it is not alway clear that it is a devotional and not a translation. 

Many of its readings are plagiarized from another writer connected with the same denomination [without references as the author assumed that the child and his friends would recognize the quotes and he did not add the required footnotes upon publication] 

Without adding all the needed footnotes Logos should refuse to publish this work as being a plagiarized work. 

As the original author died in 1915 some see the original authors work as being in the public domain - but you still have to footnote the quotes!

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Slawomir Gromadzki | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 5 2022 9:25 AM

There are many translations that are poor representations of the Bible. The Clear Word is an excellent paraphrase and I often compare it with various translations (NAS and NIV are my favourite ones). I also love JB Phillips NT.

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David Ames | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jan 6 2022 5:20 AM

Slawomir Gromadzki:
  The Clear Word is an excellent paraphrase   

Yes, and for an Adventist it does "pull" things together.   For a non member it has added too many "Adventist thoughts" when compared to a Bible.

My comment on the Clear Word's rendering of Exodus 1:8 Where it states

"Then a foreign king began to rule over Egypt who didn’t want to know about Joseph and what he had done to save Egypt"

As far as I can tell the Hittites were ruling Egypt when Joseph came in. The Hittites had invaded Egypt around 1700 bc. The Hittites were of a people similar to the Hebrews and the other Canaanite peoples. During the time the Hebrews were in Egypt the Egyptians rose up and drove the Hittites out of Egypt in 1567 bc..  But apparently left the Hebrews there in Goshen.  Mr. Blanco got his history backwards – the Pharaoh that welcomed Joseph was most likely a Hittite not an Egyptian. However, the Pharaoh that sent them into slavery was most likely a native Egyptian.  So after 1567 bc there were many people that resembled the now driven out Hittites living in Goshen.  Ideal candidates to become slaves.  So Ex 1:8 should read [IMHO]: Then a native king began to rule over Egypt who didn’t want to know about Joseph and what he had done to save the intruder Hittites in Egypt.]

Anyone have other dates for the Hittite rule of Egypt?

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