Some random initial impressions of the Logos 8 packages

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Ken McGuire | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Oct 31 2018 8:55 PM

For a while I was one of the more vocal Lutherans here – although I admittedly have not been active here lately. Since L8 has rolled out, I have looked a bit at the Lutheran packages… As a word of background, I describe myself as an over-educated lay person. I do not have, and never had a teaching office at any Lutheran church. That said, I am someone who has both preached and lead bible studies in both ELCA and LCMS congregations, although I don’t do any of that now. My education is from ELCA schools, but am currently a member of the LCMS.

  • For as cheap as Starter would be for me, buying at least it is an easy decision just for more volumes of the Annotated Luther. Bronze is also very affordable for me, and having the whole “Armchair” set would be nice. But Silver would be cheaper than the Popular Patristic books I have been eyeing for years. And Gold would be cheaper than the Reformation Commentary or Encyclopedia of Christianity sets by itself. Platinum is more expensive than makes sense for me, but for someone who is interested in Migne or Kierkegaard, it would be a quite good value.

  • Like the version 7 libraries, these seem to be aimed more at where I was – namely the more traditional wing of the ELCA than the LCMS. I suppose you have to make a choice with as divided as we Lutherans are – and going with the larger body that has a publisher that is almost certainly more willing to make deals with you to put things in base packages makes more than a bit of business sense. I still value what formed me, but I suspect many in Missouri would not see as much value here as I do.

  • While good English bible translations are included, I am a bit surprised at some that are not. The biggest example of this is the NIV, which I have seen used quite a bit by members of any Lutheran body I have seen in the USA. This may be a publisher issue, since it appears that it is not in ANY of the denominational packages, even if it is in the “Standard” ones. In general it is light on more “dynamic” translations. No “Good News” that I used when growing up. No “God’s Word”. No “Message”. No NLT. While I do lean towards formal equivalence, I do value having more dynamic translations to gain an additional perspective. I am glad I have picked them up over the years.

  • The categories you use to describe are sometimes less than helpful. Probably the most questionable I saw was describing Kelly’s Reading Bonhoeffer as “Biblical Theology.”
  • In general, it looks like the Lutheran base packages would be more useful for New Testament study than Old Testament.

  • I would miss not having any form of NA or UBS text until Diamond level. I do certainly respect the SBL text you do include, but am glad I am an old user that has some of the older offerings.

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