WF Editor Suggestion: Add "Project Name" field (significant to Notebooks)

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Reuben Helmuth | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Nov 3 2018 5:58 AM

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In order to keep research/study organized, I feel it necessary to have the ability to categorize workflow instances by "project". In my mind, there should be a projects DB and the "project name" field would be made available in workflows.

The project name field for a workflow instance would default to the project name last used by that workflow and would be editable at the same time as (or immediately after) entering the key. It would have auto-complete suggestions from previously entered names (much like the tags field in Notes). If this (optional) field contained a value, all notes from that WF instance would get assigned to a Notebook with the corresponding name. If the field were left empty, either 1) notes would be assigned to No Notebook or 2) notes would be assigned to a workflow type notebook (as Mark suggested).

Use cases:

  1. Multiple Workflow instances could be set to the "Preaching through Romans" project.
  2. Multiple Workflow Types could be sent to the same project.
  3. Any consecutive study that requires more than a single WF instance to complete.

This would allow the user to choose how broad or narrow the Notebook would be. For instance, in the translation project which I'm involved with, we could choose at least 4 different logical levels of broadness which would make sense (depending on our needs for sharing/collaboration/etc).

  • Weno Genesis
  • Weno Pentateuch
  • Weno OT
  • Weno Bible

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P.S. One of the reasons I'd like to see a projects DB is that in the future it would be good to be able to filter completed workflows by the project it's associated with.

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