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Anthony Smithson | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Nov 6 2018 10:28 AM

Why the Communist Manifesto?

There is a growing romanticization of socialism among young people. Christians have a duty to defend society against evil and to lovingly expose the errors of any ideology. To this end it is advantageous to read and understand what socialism is straight from the horse's mouth, as it were.

There are errors...

I know. The original document had numerous misspellings and typographical errors. As much as they make me twitch, I thought it important to stay as true to the original document as I could. (It might matter to someone.) You can find it here: https://archive.org/details/manifestoofcommu00marx_0

If you find actual discrepancies between the source and the PB please point them out.

To Do:

Various other works are referenced in this one piece that need to be linked, but I am unfamiliar with those works. If anyone comes across one, please add the link. They are highlighted in the source document, but when compiled, (thankfully) do not show up in Logos.

The original work was in German. A German counterpart should be made but I don't read German well enough to make it.

The are a couple compile warning that I am having trouble getting to the bottom of. The book still compiles fine, they just irritate me.

6471.Communist Manifesto.docx

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Bruce Dunning | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 12 2018 4:49 PM

This book is available in Logos as part of Encyclopedia Britannica's "Great Books of the Western World" - Volume 50. https://www.logos.com/product/55052/great-books-of-the-western-world

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