Nichol's series of commentaries (C19th republications of Puritans)

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Stephen Steele | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Oct 29 2020 7:25 AM

15 volumes of this series are available in Logos, though it's hard to find, and not all commentaries in the series are marked as belonging to it.

(If I was in the marketing department I would pull them all together and advertise them as they are very hard to get elsewhere!)

I have suggested the addition of the Psalms volume (Smith, Pierson, Gouge) here.

(I will come back with some more suggestions when I get time to work through the complete list)

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Stephen Steele | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jan 8 2021 4:24 AM

Letter of recommendation for the series by J. C. Ryle at the beginning of Volume 2 of Charnock's works:

Letter From The Rev. J. C. Ryle,

        Addressed to the Editor of the “Record” (London)

        Sir,—I venture to ask the attention of your readers to a new republication scheme which Mr Nichol of Edinburgh is just initiating. I take leave to think that it deserves the cordial support of all lovers of sound scriptural theology.

The scheme to which I refer is a series of reprints of the best Puritan expositions and Commentaries on single books of Scripture.

All who are conversant with the writings of the Puritan divines are doubtless aware of the fact that many of their most valuable works are Expositions. Some of them, such as “Greenhill on Ezekiel,” “Adams on 2d Peter,” “Jenkyn on Jude,” “Burroughs on Hosea,” have been reprinted within the last thirty or forty years. Many of them, however, have never been reprinted at all, and are only to be bought as old books, at a very heavy price.

Mr Nichol is now proposing to do an immense service to the Churches by reprinting the best Expository works of the Puritans at a singularly cheap rate. His scheme embraces such works as “Airay on Philippians,” “Hardy on 1st John,” “Rogers on 1st Peter,” “Bayne on Ephesians,” “Gouge on Hebrews,” “Taylor on Titus,” “Byfield on Colossians,” “Hall on 2d Timothy,” “King on Jonah,” and many others, forming too long a catalogue for me to enumerate in a letter. The selling price of many of these works, I need hardly tell book-buyers, is such as to put them completely out of the reach of most persons. By Mr Nichol’s scheme they will be attainable at 7s. a volume.

Now, in a day like this, when better knowledge of Scripture is the great antidote to the theological poison which abounds, I cannot refrain from urging on my brethren the importance of giving Mr Nichol their support. They will not regret it, I am sure. They will get full value for their money. They will find in many of the works about to be reprinted abundant proof that he who concentrates all his attention on the exposition of one or two books of Scripture, will produce far better results than he who undertakes to comment on the whole Bible. For “excellent works” on Scripture, commend me to the “man of one book.”

If any one wishes to see a specimen of Mr Nichol’s new series, I advise him to get the volume already published, viz., “Airay on Philippians,” and “Cartwright on Colossians,” in one handsome quarto.

Mr Nichol’s reprints of Goodwin, Sibbes, Adams, &c., are undoubtedly an admirable addition to our theological literature. But, if I may venture an opinion, I think his new series is even more valuable than his old one.

The Dean of Canterbury told us at Bristol that we want more and better expository sermons. Let those who want to see a specimen of good expository preaching, read “Airay’s Expository Lectures on Philippians.”

I remain, yours faithfully,


        October 15. 1864. Vicar of Stradbroke, Suffolk.

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Stephen Steele | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Nov 2 2021 5:37 PM

I have pulled together a list of the series here: 

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