Please transfer WordSearch KJV to Logos Bible Software Library

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John W Gillis | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, May 30 2021 1:58 PM

Jerry Rockwell:
At first glimps is seems that Logos is "anti" KJV.

Really?? Since the delivery of the Wordsearch KJV last week, I now have seven complete stand-alone KJV texts in my Logos library, two of which are available with full reverse interlinears embedded. Three others are tagged with Strong's numbers, and two of those (all but the WS KJV) also contain some kind of grammatical tagging. The WS Edition KJV appears to have been produced because former WS users were complaining that their originally mapped Logos KJV lacked the non-Biblical text from the CROSS edition!

Toggling paragraph mode on and off takes two (or three) clicks in Logos instead of one, because Logos has so many user-controlled resource display options they need to put them in a menu.

Admittedly, some KJV-oriented resources are not particularly well formatted in Logos and are comparatively hard to use (e.g. AMG's Complete Word Study Bible; POSB), but these have been around for years, and it doesn't seem like there's been much demand to improve them. Nonetheless, I think suggesting that Logos might be "anti" KJV seems a bit over the top.

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