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Lathan Hill | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jan 9 2013 1:00 PM

This is a rather generic post - I am having a lot of difficulty in using Proclaim.  We are a small church, with a small network.  We use DSL with moderate speed - 3.0Mps upload and download.  Our network consists of 4 desktops total, of which only 1 is online when I normally build.  On Sundays, the presentation computer is the only one online.  The presentation computer is using an Intel i-5 2.4Gh, 8 gb mem, VERY clean system - dedicated to Proclaim and the displays.  It has dual nVidia cards with 1GB per card. 

Yet - refresh and sync rates in Proclaim are unbelieveably slow!  Sunday, it took 10 minutes to sync our show (presentation...loop...slides...service...still not sure what to call a build) - that with simple slides, build from template, 6 songs, 3 scripture passages, 10 video, no external content, no external pictures...VERY simple show.  Once loaded, there is a noticeable delay for every action - sometimes up to 5 seconds.  We have no transitions selected for all slides. 

During builds, we see lags in sync of 10-15 seconds - which is frustrating when trying to build simple shows.  What should take less than an hour to build runs to 2-3 hours in Proclaim.  A "challenge" to say the least.

I like Proclaim, and the "idea" of cloud-based programing that we can access from a variety of platforms and locations.  I like the "signal" capability. 

I don't like the sync problems, nor the lack of ability to manipulate data/images/backgrounds.  I have a deep PPT background, and 5 years with Mediashout.  I like Proclaim better, but it is slowly becoming a non-issue - we just don't have the time to "fight" the issues in Proclaim. 

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a trick/hint to ease the sync issues?  HELP!!!!

Frustrated Pastor Leo

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Bob Pritchett | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 9 2013 4:51 PM

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

We had server performance problems this past weekend. We are spending this week re-architecting some of the databases to address this and don't expect these problems in the future. (These problems relate to the increasing number of mobile users who connect to the servers looking for signals; we're separating these databases to avoid having mobile app users impact Proclaim sync performance.)

Do you have performance problems most of the time, or just on Sunday?


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Lathan Hill | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jan 10 2013 7:57 AM


We are seeing performance problems across the board - during our "build" time, when we create a show, and during presentation.  There is no consistency - ie, this past Sunday, our "slide-flipper", who has 5+ years working with Mediashout, couldn't find the "rythym" to change slides during our song worship.  Each slide/verse would change at a different rate, with NO delay selected for any slide.  The backgrounds were exactly the same for all songs - in fact, I added the first song, set the font/size/display area/etc under 'customize", and then duplicated that song for each subsequent song, so they were all exactly the same (except for the words, obviously).  Yet, during the Worship service, she couldn't get any timing down.  Each slide would change at random after the advance button was pressed.  She used all methods to advance - arrow keys on keyboard, space bar, selecting slide directly, using arrow button on screen with mouse...each advanced at a random time.  It wasn't a "major" problem in the morning, as most of the congregation knew the songs...but in the evening, we sang a song for only the 2nd time...and people didn't know the lyrics...and it was frustrating. 

During build - we see completely random sync and update rates as we input info.  I add an item (song, bible, content) - and it may pop in instantly, or take anywhere from 1-10 seconds to populate the screen.  I try to move a slide, and it may move, or it may wat a few seconds.  I change font size, customize a screen - and who knows when it will change (less of a delay or drag during that...).  Even when we initially open Proclaim...I click the icon, and wait...maybe it starts, maybe not.  I have programmed myself to no longer simply click the icon, but to right click, then select "Open" from the drop menu...even then...maybe it starts, maybe not.  I have removed and installed Proclaim several times thinking perhaps I had a corrupt install...but this happens across several systems - desktop and laptop both.  All WIndows (don't say it...) - One Vista, two Win7...

I think the most frustrating thing...there is no CONSISTENCY in what time, it is very responsive...then, 5 minutes later...lllllaaaaagggggg....

One final gripe...please don't "push" updates on a Sunday!!!  The first 2 Sunday's we used Proclaim, there were updates to download before we could use the system...and as we were just starting, our process and timng was not established - we turned on the computer about 15 minutes prior to service, and took 12 minutes to install the update, process it, boot Proclaim, get to an active screen, open the presentation, and sync...needless to say...NOT something I wanted to worry about as I am presenting a completely new video system to an older established church that is not too sure about "having TV's in Church"...I chalked it up to first time jitters and just bad timing...the following Sunday, I turned on the computer when I arrived, 2 hours prior to service...booted, started Proclaim...and BINGO - another update!!!  FYI - on Friday, before I leave, I start the computer, log on, check for WIndows/Norton updates, make sure everything is working, start Proclaim...load show...check everything is active, ready...then shut it down until Sunday.  I would think that process would "update" and sync any Proclaim show...and catch any I was caught by surprise by updates that pushed Sunday morning!  That was in December, hasn't happened since...

OK - so...enough griping.  I really LIKE Proclaim, and how it should work.  I like the ability to work on a presentation from any platform and any location.  I ahve begun to experiment with the control from my mobile device, and the notes pages it displays.  I like that it sync's with Song Select, and have purchased Graceway Media package to go with what we are doing.  I like the ability to edit on the fly.  There is a lot there...but...these quirks are really getting to us!  I am sorry to go on, but I hope this helps you as you continue to improve Proclaim, and make it even more powerful.  What I don't want to have to do is move to a different platform for presentations. 

Side note - yesterday, I ran various "speed" check programs to verify and check our connections...they consistently came back with the same speeds across our network from various systems, and consistently at the "promised" speeds from our I said earlier, we are not the fastest, nor on a T1 line...but all other aspects of our internet doesn't exhibit any delay, speed, or sync problems.  Even Logos (which I am also new to...whew, what a memory and gateway hog!) has no delay after it starts...and I have very few texts actually downloaded on my desktop (yet) - I am pulling all resources from my online library at Logos.

Bob, thanks for hearing my rant...maybe it will help - I hope so, as that is my intention.  Maybe the change in architecture and database management will help - I hope so.  As we build and present this Sunday, I will have them take more specific notes and send them to you.  Thanks.


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Tony Imperiale | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jan 13 2013 9:31 AM


Leo, thanks for venting. 

I would echo some of the frustrations about the lag during presentations. I posted earlier back in July as to unplayable videos, and a Windows Media Player update was needed. That fixed them not playing at all, but we have had continuous issues with delay and lag during presentations as well. I too, love the software, cloud based solution, cross platform access, and overall ease of use. However, we do experience presenting issues. We even went and bought a brand new "gaming" computer with I-5 processor, Win 7, and plenty of RAM, but no change. I now have all my operators use NO TRANSITION on all song slides during service. This has helped, but videos still play a little jumpy, and really should not even be necessary. 

My only thought left is that it is either the video projection (although is seems to play slow on primary screen also) or something within Proclaim.



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Lathan Hill | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jan 14 2013 9:04 AM

Tony, Bob,

Yesterday was a little smoother - after we actually got Proclaim to sync and update!  I had to exit and restart Proclaim 3 times before it would finally sync and add the change we had made to ONE slide!!! 

We did note a smoother transition time - only had a noticed lag in slide advance 2-3 times during service (73 total slides between Scripture and Song verses).  Same thing in evening - mostly very smooth, just a couple of slides slow to change. 

But - as Tony noted - we saw a delay during a video between the sound and the picture - the typical "his lips don't match the words" thing.  This was the first time we ran a video directly from Proclaim - before, we were exiting and using media player to show any video content.  Just for info - when we use media player, there is no sync problem between the picture and the sound...we do run sound from the computer through our sound board, whereas the video runs through a scaler and splitter to two HD screens.  But - from both online video (youtube, amazon streamed video content), DVD played directly, and video played through media player, there is no "disconnect" between the picture and the sound (his lips and his voice match...).  We only noticed this problem yesterday in Proclaim, and it repeates today with a different there an audio setting I don't know about?  I have not adjusted any audio settings in Proclaim - whatever the default is, thats what plays.  The delay was about .5 sec...just a guess, didn't time it...


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