Anyone else? Lost presentations.

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Bill Garner | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Jan 28 2013 12:02 PM

Our SOP is on Tues (or so) my pastor dupes the previous weeks presentation. The deletes that weeks Ppoint & imports the new. Deletes his weekly video & adds the new. Changes the date in the title & calendar. Syncs it. Only he creates the new presentation so we don't have presentation duplicates. I am the Tech Dir & once the worship lead gives me a song list I update that, select backgrounds, lyric styles etc..etc.. We dupe the previous week of a month presentation & edit because most of the welcome loop & events slide of a month remain unchanged.

We have used this process for months. Last week (of Sun 27th) pastor created the presentation. On Friday I went in & deleted previous songs & added the 4 new. Did my usual backgrounds thing, Saturday night I went "on" & the entire presentation was gone. Poof. Not only it but also Jan 13 & 20 also. I was shocked & not a little stressed. I rebuilt the entire presentation & titled it Jan 28. If there was some sync problem I did not want another 1 with same title.

Sunday morning I go in & tell pastor all his work disappeared & humbly ask for copies of his Ppoint & video on flash disc. Rebuild entire thing again on my booth PC. & title it Jan 29! I wasn't about to close that thing & his video took a long time to upload. Got the 100% just before church start. That bit could well be my ISP plus same day server demands discussed in other threads. But now everytime we try to go from Edit to On Air I get a pop up saying I need to purchase subscription or use with watermark, After 3 attempts I'm out of time& select the watermark. The Proclaim watermark stood out like sore thumb on pastor's Ppoint slides but none of the song backgrounds. Needless to say, my pastor got a hold of me wanting answers to why a weeks worth of sermon preparing went Mickey Mouse. I had no answer. Wonderful.

Hours of work gone and an incredibly stressful 1 hour service for myself & my video tech. I have been a TD in both church and live theater since 1992. Have never, ever seen anything like it. Fortunately pastor had & saw the same experience.

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Reid A Ferguson | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jan 28 2013 5:33 PM

Sorta the same thing. I use a similar method every week. Yesterday - when I went to preach - ZAP! No powerpoint slides. Nothing. Not a pleasant experience when you stand up to preach to have your legs pulled out from under you. 


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Ann Boyles | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jan 29 2013 8:19 AM

Bill, I believe that Hunter got in touch with you via email from your earlier forum thread, here:

Reid, are you certain that your powerpoint slides were fully synced up on your home computer? (or whichever computer you uploaded from) If you lost or didn't have internet connectivity on that machine, or if you quit before the new slides were synced up, it is possible that these slides did not sync up. Do you have other collaborators in your group? We have seen instances where another user from the group logged in and mistakenly deleted a service item or presentation.

One further question: did the service item for the powerpoint not appear in the presentation at all, or did it appear but the slides were blank?

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Bill Garner | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jan 29 2013 11:20 AM

Yes, Hunter di reply saying they were researching matter. My post was to other users and what their experience &/or workarounds were. It's now Tuesday, I have to make decisions re: this week and to pastor whether I feel confident. I have heard no more from Hunter since the weekend.

1) We have set process to avoid avoid redundant work deletions etc.. All the same I contacted the only 2 people (pastor, worship leader) before I posted. Pastor creates the weeks presentation. After receiving the song list, I enter them & do all the backgrounds etc.. This all began Friday evening when I went to do my work on the presentation. The Jan 27 was there just as pastor created with his Ppoint & video. I did all my work, updated items in the welcome loop. I synced it all & had the dull green & showed all synced. Saturday morning I went to change a song & everything was gone. Not only the 27th but also Jan 13 & 20 also. Stunned I went to 2 other computers to check - same thing. Contacted pastor & MoM. Rebuilt it all & dated it Jan 28. Got to my booth PC Sun morning & that one(28) was gone. In compressed time I rebuilt again & dated 29th & did not close until after service. Here is 1 odd thing, once home the 1 I dated the 28th is there. But still none of 13th, 20th, 27th. I triple checked that time in the booth...odd..that 1 may be on me. Now, to simplify things, we start off by duping the previous weeks (in a particular month) Presentation. Delete previous weeks songs & enter new. Otherwise we have to build from scratch the welcome loop, events etc..that remain the same in a month. All 3 of those dates were in a chain. But also were every other previous date.

2) The Ppoint pastor uploaded was in that compressed period just before church. I cant answer the sync question so I understand that. But does that explain why everytime we went from Edit to On Air we were asked to input our payment method for a subscription? After several times we were in a loop so checked the watermark option. Once started I thought we were ok, no watermatk on the songs. Pastor's Ppoint went up & there it was. So why that payment request that prevented us from going On Air?

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Allen Petersen | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jan 29 2013 2:18 PM



I've just finished troubleshooting the issue Bill reported. I turns out there was some miscommunication on their team this last week. I’m very interested in identifying any problems if they exist.  Could you please provide some details as to what happened in your case?


  • What is the title of the presentation in question?
  • How many people are editing the presentation?
  • When were the slides added?
  • When were they noticed as missing?


Any other details you think might be reverent, anything that happened out of the ordinary this week.




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Tommy Miller | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Feb 23 2013 5:38 PM

Busy week of hospital calls, visits, etc. I started Saturday afternoon to open last weeks Proclaim file and change a few slides. But when I open Proclaim, it acts like a brand new install or something. It wants me to find my group, which IS NOT THERE! I tried creating a new group. It is not there either. Proclaim says that I have not requested to be a member of any groups.  My groups page shows I am the admin of two groups. I sent myself an invite to join my groups. It has not showed up in e-mail yet.

I have tried reinstalling Proclaim. I have rebooted my PC.

I called Logos (closed, of course.) I e-mailed (no reply, of course.) I am sure I will hear back on Monday morning. A DAY LATE and $100 short for Logos!

Our small congregation is voting Sunday night on whether or not to keep this "new technology" (new TV on wall, Proclaim, Graceway Media, CCLI, etc.). They agreed to the large expense at the behest of their Pastor (Me). We have successfully used Proclaim for two weeks, now it is time for a vote. I have nothing to show them on Sunday. THIS SHOULD GO OVER WELL!


Getting late on Saturday night. I need to get home to my children. It looks like I will be asking Logos for a refund for all of this.

My advice to anyone considering Proclaim: Wait until it gets out of Beta!

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Allen Petersen | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Feb 24 2013 10:06 AM

Please see my reply in this thread

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