Time for a Matthew Henry Collection

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Mark Barnes | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Sep 11 2013 8:30 AM

We have Matthew Henry's Commentary, but what about his other works, particularly A Method for Prayer with Scripture Expressions Proper to Be Used under Each Head and Directions for Daily Communion with God.

There was an 1855 edition of his Complete Works, which is only two volumes, and was reprinted by Baker in 1979. Attic Press also published the two books referred to above, in 1988.

There are also at least a couple of public domain biographies that you could add:

The final memoir was republished by Banner of Truth in 1974 in The Lives of Philip and Matthew Henry.

Here's a table of contents of the two-volume work:

  • The Pleasantness of a Religious Life
  • Sobermindedness pressed upon young people
  • Four discourses against vice and profaneness
  • Self consideration necessary to self preservation
  • Directions for daily communion with God
  • A church in the house
  • The right management of friendly visits
  • The communicant's companion
  • Family hymns
  • Great Britain's present joys and hopes
  • The work and success of the ministry
  • A treatise on baptisms
  • Sermon preached at the funeral of Dr. Samuel Benion
  • Sermon preached at the funeral of Rev. Frances Tallents
  • A method for prayer
  • Discourse concerning meekness and quietness of spirit
  • Sermon concerning the catechising of youth
  • A Scripture catechism
  • A plain catechism for children
  • Christ's favour to little children displayed
  • Faith in Christ inferred from faith in God
  • Hope and fear balanced
  • Forgiveness of sin as a debt
  • Popery, a spiritual tyranny
  • A brief inquiry into the true nature of schism
  • Sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. Samuel Lawrence
  • Sermon preached at the death of Rev. Richard Stretton
  • Sermon preached at the death of Rev. Daniel Burgess
  • Sermon: A memorial of the fire of the Lord
  • Sermon: The Christian religion is not a sect
  • Sermon: Disputes reviewed
  • Sermon preached to the societies for the reformation of manners
  • Sermon preached at the ordination of Mr. Atkinson
  • Exhortation of Mr. Samuel Clark's ordination
  • Sermon preached at the funeral of Rev. James Owen
  • The layman's reasons for his joining in stated communion with a congregation of moderate dissenters.
  • A concise account of the life of Lieutenant Illidge
  • Sermon preached at the death of Mrs. Katherine Henry
  • An account of the life and death of Mr. Philip Henry
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