Issues with Proclaim this morning. (Att: accounting, refund needed)

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Mike Tourangeau | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Sep 13 2015 1:15 PM

This morning I went to go "on air" and I encountered a msg saying I needed to buy a subscription; as if my Proclaim license had expired. This has happened before and I traced it to a new slide that apparently is not in my package.  So this time I had added two unusual slides so I deleted these slides and restarted Proclaim a few times and had the same issue. In the end I ended up buying another month, even though my present subscription is not up yet......This worked and I was able to go "on air" without watermarks. 

A few things:

1. I need a refund of this $19.95  ASAP - (Order # 7089739)

2. Under no circumstances should it ever be possible to add a slide that you don't have rights for only to find out Sunday morning that you can't go on air etc. This is a crazy way of selling, it does not make me want to buy more backgrounds but leave Proclaim altogether. At the very least you should be told when you add one of the backgrounds that it is a "locked" resource. I prefer not even to have them in Proclaim as an option....

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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Sep 14 2015 12:10 AM

Mike Tourangeau:
I prefer not even to have them in Proclaim as an option....

or at least in a fenced off area that makes it clear that these bits are not included.

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Scott Alexander | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Sep 14 2015 10:26 AM

Sorry for the inconvenience Mike, we'll get you a refund right away. Sounds like there was something funny going on with your license, we'll try to get to the bottom of that as well.

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