Did The King Have Sex With Esther At First Night?

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Mark Ward | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Sep 3 2016 11:14 PM

Just stumbled across this thread. It's interesting to note that there are apocryphal additions to Esther, almost certainly Jewish in origin since they appear in the LXX, which seek to justify the characters (and character!) of Mordecai and Esther at precisely the points where the canonical story leaves their character in doubt.

This fact, in my mind, actually increases the likelihood that the narrator did not intend to exonerate them. And the articles I wrote, cited by Liam above, are then apropos: God did not intend to lift up Esther and Mordecai as perfect heroes.

In a textbook I wrote on the OT, I said,

In this additional material, Mordecai prays a long prayer in which he insists that he did not refuse to bow to Haman out of arrogance. And Esther prays a long prayer in which she insists that she was forced to do what she did and hated every second of it. Some Jews even said that Esther hid for four years before being caught and put in the king’s harem!

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