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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Mar 19 2018 1:56 PM

In a conversation with someone in my church, he was wondering whether "Holy, Holy, Holy" is the only time a word is used three times in succession in the Bible. I don't know off the top of my head. I can think of plenty of times a word is used twice in succession (e.g., "saying 'Peace, peace!' when there is no peace" and "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani") but I can't think of any other identical triplets.

Is it possible to construct a search to determine this?

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Mar 19 2018 3:02 PM

Rosie Perera:
Is it possible to construct a search to determine this?

Morph Query can find triple repetition (when online connection with server works).

Syntax Search can find triplicate lemma's

Also found some threads about repetition:

Thread => Search for Words Repeated Three Times - "emphatic Semitic triplet"

Thread => Wanting to search for words that are used twice in a row in the Bible

Thread => Find Repeated Names in Passage shows newer Morph Query document and Syntax Search

Thread => how do i discover the repeated words in a passage to identify the main keywords ?  includes Concordance

Keep Smiling Smile

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