Bugs in Media tool / Amber integration

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NB.Mick | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, May 22 2021 6:25 AM

Not sure what of those are new, what are already known bugs and what are leftovers from an incomplete integration.

  • User tags assigned in the Logos/Verbum desktop version are not uploaded to Amber and effectively are lost. To Recreate:
    1. open Media tool, choose "Upload Media", select any media file
    2. Assign a tag or more (here: "Vines", orange box - note that Logos will sometimes offer its own tags, purple box, here e.g. "Font", "Software" based on some AI)

    3. close Media tool
    4. open Media tool again,
    • select the uploaded picture: If the tags show up at all: BUG: the assigned tags are gone (a Logos-assigned tag may be duplicated now) EXPECTED: assigned tags are present 
    • alternatively: run Find Media search on any of the newly assigned tags: BUG: the uploaded file will not be found (possibly no file will be found) EXPECTED: tags can be searched under "Find Media" in the tool
    • alternatively: open amber.faithlife.com and select the uploaded file: BUG: the assigned tags are gone (empty space in amber box - a Logos-assigned tag may be duplicated, see red box) EXPECTED: assigned tags are present 

  • Tags automatically assigned by Logos to user-uploaded media are not searchable in Logos, unless duplicated (difficult to give steps to recreate, but becomes obvious by playing with uploaded files in Media tool and Amber) here: search for Font (only other pictures show) or for Software ("No filters are available")

  • Often, Media Tool does not show the Tag box at all, even though tags are present in a picture 


    2021-05-22 15-23-22

  • tags assigned to pictures in the Media tool (or the amber platform) are not searchable at all outside of the Media tool. EXPECTED: user-assigned tags should be found as mytag: , tags on media files should be hits in the media section of the Everything search 


Running Logos 9 latest (beta) version on Win 10

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, May 29 2021 8:06 PM

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