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David Mullens | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Apr 9 2013 11:24 AM


We are wanting to update our computer media system. Currently we are running an older Dell system (about 7 years old) and are using SundayPlus. We are wanting to upgrade to different presentation software. Right now the computer is not connected to the internet, however, we have WiFi in the sanctuary.

We were debating on getting an HP P6-2330 or a P6-2310. Both of these are "home" class systems that have dual display option. The dual display video card is integrated with 3 Gig shared memory. The system has 6 gigs of memory total.

Is it wise to go this route, or should we purchase something from Dell and a dual graphic card separate?

We've discussed getting a mac, however, most of those who will be using the system, keeping it running, etc., are not familiar with macs. Also, we want to keep the budget under $500 if possible.

Thanks for any thoughts/advice.



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