Didasko Commentary Series (ed. Sinclair Ferguson)

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Stephen Steele | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, May 30 2014 9:02 AM

This series is out of print, but contains volumes from some of the greatest Scottish preachers of the late 20th century. They were published by Nicholas Gray Publishing, Glasgow. The most well known in the series is:

James Philip - The Power of God (1987)
Paul Levy of Reformation 21 prefers it to Morris, Moo and ML-J and says that it is 'criminally negligent' that it is out of print.

I can't find much about the series as a whole online, but my copy of Power of God says:

"Also in the Didasko series:
Towards Spiritual Maturity: William Still
Lord from the depths I cry (Job): George Philip
A vision of Glory (Revelation): William Still

Bringing William Still's collected writings to Logos has been suggested here.

The library catalogue of Cornhill Scotland provides publication dates for the above books and also suggests that a number of similar works were published (Aberdeen, Didasko Press)

Time to Build : Studies in the Book of Ezra (James Philip)
Esther : Eight Sermons on the Book of Esther (Still)
Book of Job (George Philip)
Eleven Sermons on the Song of Solomon (Still)
By the Rivers of Babylon : Studies in Daniel (James Philip)

If you've heard Sinclair Ferguson give his testimony, you'll probably have heard him speak of the influence that Still had on his life. It would be great to see these books revived in a digital format!

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