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Gary Harmon | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Aug 23 2018 2:48 PM

Hello! My name is Gary Harmon and I had the pastoral care and counseling advanced certificate program gifted to me and I am still missing mobile ed  105 and 131. It has been way to long for these mobile ed and I made a suggestion to customer service to inform the customer that certain videos would not be in the program when they buy it. Can someone please tell me when the rest of the mobile eds will be out because someone is  paying for the product and I still do not have it. thank you!

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John Schwandt | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Aug 24 2018 8:56 AM

Hi Mark,

We designed the content within the certificates in a forward looking way.  Knowing what courses would that we would be producing we wanted to make the programs as strong as possible.  We also didn't want to hold people back who wanted to work toward the certificate and start courses right away.  So some of the programs have some "pay-up-front" courses to provide the best mix of courses at the with an amazing discount for our customers.  By paying up front for future products, not only can we provide the great pre-pub price for these courses, but we can discount them even further since they are part of a large bundle.

CO105 will ship before the end of the year (It is already through many phases of the production process.) and CO131 will likely ship toward the end of Q2 next year.  If you would prefer not to pay for these courses up front we can a proportional discount from these two courses (probably to the person who gifted the products to you - that wrinkle makes things a little more complex.)  There also may be other live courses that you are interested in if you have already worked through all of the other courses in the program.  Customer service would be happy to do some course swapping.)  However, this would increase the cost of CO105 and C0131 for you when you got to get them.  This is true eve if you put them on as individual pre-pub orders to be charged when they ship (since you would no-longer be getting the bundled discount).  You will need those two courses to complete the certificate.

I hope this helps.  Thanks so much for your work in the church and use of Mobile Ed to advance your learning (and get the most out of your library.)  I'm happy to discuss further and personally work on this issue with you until you are satisfied.



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