L3 versus L4 versus L5

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There is great competition between different software manufacturers of Gk Hebrew Aramaic Latin Bible study software. As lowering the price for the package in L5 would be really unfair towards all of us who have bought it earlier on, one possible sollution might remain: the inclusion of more titles, and that ALL old Logos OLL customers would get those for free! But PLEASE DON'T include additional English Bibles or only Lexham resources.

One reason why I chose the OLL was that it included the least such English Bible versions that I really don't want. So far I haven't added any additional English Bibles to my Logos Library, other than the ones that came with the Catholic Foundations package. If Logos releases the 1989 REB I'll be quick to place an order on it, other than that I would only desire the 1866 Common English Version New Testament (and purhaps the GNT(-CE!) which I have several printed ones). I have enough printed Bibles that I bought prior to my purchase of the Logos packages, bundles and individual items. I'm very aware of different English Bible versions and reluctant to use many of the popular ones. The only reason why I accepted the 2007 ESV and 1995 NASU in my Logos library was that they show the OPPOSITE of how I would like passages to be translated.

But I must say, I was completely on board with the idea of everyone re-purchasing their resources except for the OL people.

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